For now, I have stopped producing new episodes for my radio show.  Check out the archived shows on webtalkradio.net.  I hope to continue this fun and valuable activity in the future.



Check out my weekly radio show at http://webtalkradio.net/shows/achieving-your-dreams-in-a-crazy-world/  These are hard times. And the worst may be yet to come. We stay awake at night worrying about our jobs, our health, relationships, kids out of control, inflation, climate change, and rogue asteroids — to name but a few! “Achieving Your Dreams in a Crazy World” is here to help solve problems and realize dreams. It’s about restoring hope and moving ahead — immediately and successfully. We’ll get you out of bed in the morning feeling optimistic, happy, and ready to take on this crazy world and to achieve what you need and desire!

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850 KOA News Radio

Interview with Murray by Rick Barber of 850 Newsradio – After Midnight

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Blog Talk Radio

Michael Ray Dresser’s Radio Show, Dresser After Dark, has evolved over the years and today features authors and experts from all over the country.

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