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DSOT-COVER-FINAL Distant Sounds of Thunder 
Seventeen year old Jessenia Olivier lives a comfortable life on her family’s herb farm on the island continent of South Aber.  Her increasingly bizarre dreams become real when the farm is attacked by giant mythical monsters led by a green skinned brutish figure on horseback whose very presence seems to distort both time and space.  To her utter astonishment she shoots fireballs from her fingertips to kill or chase off the invaders.  A visiting craftsman, Tahlequah San’to Marcus tells her family that she is an Aesmae Celina, a woman of fairy tales with magical powers.This is the story of her attempt to unite the scattered Aesmae Celina, most of whom are ignorant of their Power, into a fighting and defensive force capable of saving her planet, Rhivanna. Ten immortal and evil Demigods fighting under The-One-The-Only, a power hungry, foreign God, seek to wrest control of Rhivanna from The First, its rightful and beleaguered deity.  Jessenia and her friends Mollybrett, Arlavonne, Augustana, Lisabeth, and Carolyn begin a remarkable journey, which very well may be their last.

Distant Sounds of Thunder – $10



The Adventure of Terrence the Cat: Terrence and the Terrible Jack Russells
This book begins the series of adventures of Terrence the Tabby Cat as he encounters the Terrible Jack Russells. This book is suitable for children or adults. The book can be read aloud. Audio CD’s are to be found inside the back cover.Terrence the Tabby Cat lives with his family on a three acre spread in Oxford, Mississippi. He pretty well manages things around the place, including his human owners and their three daughters, Maria, Alex, and Amanda, with some help from two cat friends, Kitkat and Tigerton, and Little Lacy Lou, the Saint Bernard. Abruptly, his life style is threatened and his stress level increased by the intrusion of two, active Jack Russell puppies, Lilly and Jessie. Also, his cowboy wannabe owners, Dusty and Jalene, may decide to move the family to Wyoming to become ranchers. Can he solve these problems and still maintain his schedule of daily naps?

Terrence the Tabby Cat $10


The Magical Dozen
The Magical Dozen is a unique combination of hard-headed common sense, practical skills, and new age techniques that allow you to approach achieving goals and realizing dreams with an unstoppable variety of interesting techniques that work, make sense, and are supported with readily available sources of additional information and knowledgeable advice. Manifesting the life you want and solving problems that slow or prevent progress toward your goals can become an interesting and exciting process of lifelong learning and ongoing achievement and success. The focus of this book is on today, not delay, and on action, rather than talk. This should be the self-help book that you actually read and put into practice in your life. Take charge of your destiny.

The Magical Dozen – $10


Romantic Christmas Stories of the Old West
Not many authors of Westerns have turned their attention to Christmas. This book, in the tradition of Charles Dickens, is a collection of twenty-one Christmas stories set in the American west of the 1800’s. The stories abound with optimism, good news, and romance, are pitched for adults but also of interest to children. The characters include cowboys, outlaws, Indians, gamblers, miners, dance hall girls, bartenders, school children, stage coach drivers, and the usual cross section of interesting characters who peopled the American west in the 1800’s.This book would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for anyone interested in animals, the Old West, or romantic fiction.

Romantic Christmas Stories of the Old West – $10


Stepping Off the End of the World
After the death of his fiancée, Cyrus Rombach, a school teacher, leaves Boston and joins a wagon train forming in Independence, Missouri. The year is 1845, and the overland migrations along the Oregon Trail are beginning in earnest. In addition to farmers and would-be merchants, the emigrant party includes a gambler running from the law, a mountain man bent on settling down, a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, a doctor, and several troublemakers. Along the way, their hopes and dreams, as well as their weaknesses and fears, play out in the Great Plains and mountains of the American West. Romances blossom and unravel; secrets, weaknesses, and unknown strengths are revealed. The members of the train come face to face with the harsh realities of the trail: perilous weather, boredom, cholera, and internal dissention. Both courage and cowardliness prevail. The day-to-day events of living on the trail provide a fascinating backdrop for the drama of the settling of Oregon. The book is based on actual incidents, reported in emigrant diaries, which took place on the Oregon Trail.

Stepping Off The End Of The World – $10


Landing with Both Feet on the Ground 
Arriving in Oregon, in October of 1845, Cyrus Rombach has married Katheryn Millerson. Together they face the anticipation and hard work of starting a doner claim in the Willamette Valley and making it through the first winder despite a shortage of supplies and no money. Many of their friends and acquaintances from the wagon train also settle in Bear Valley, where romance, brutality, and hope for the future fill their daily lives. The book is historically accurate, based on accounts provided by diaries of the early settlers.

Landing With Both Feet On The Ground – $10.00


Crazy Quilt Warp in the Fabric of Time 
When visiting pioneer graveyards, Andrew Miller, living in current day Eugene, Oregon, discovers that the fictional characters he created for his two novels of early Oregon, actually existed. His confusion and disquietude are compounded when Helen Legard, a character from the books, makes contact with him through an improbable portal through time. The two of them begin to investigate what appears to be a mystery that is impossible to solve. His adventures in time travel are interwoven with his continuing search for the perfect girl friend and with a lucky scientific discovery that catapults him into the forefront of the fight to cure cancer.

Crazy Quilt Warp In The Fabric Of Time – $10


botany Introduction to Botany 
Introduction to Botany’s comprehensive coverage captures readers’ attention by showing them why plants are a fascinating and essential part of their everyday lives. The clear, concise text focuses on four major themes: plants and people, conservation biology, evolution, and biotechnology and gives readers practical and relevant information about the world of botany. Thematic boxes throughout each chapter further highlight the relationship between plants and readers’ lives. Nabors’ clear and engaging writing style keeps students interested in the science without ever becoming encyclopedic. Plants & people, conservation biology, evolution, and biotechnology. For college instructors, students, and anyone interested in plant biology or botany.

Introduction to Botany – $20.00


Tabby-Cat The Adventures of Terrence the Cat: Terrence the Cowcat 
Terrence the Tabby Cat has moved from Mississippi to Wyoming, where his people now own a cattle ranch. Surviving coyotes, mountains lions,blizzards, the wind and the prairie demand all of his skills and more. The three girls of the family are joined by Maverick, a new baby. Terrence and his friends Kitkat and Little Lacy Lou, the St. Bernard are kept busy keeping the humans in line and on course. Then, of course, there are still the terrible Jack Russells to deal with.

Terrence the Tabby cat – $10


Tabby-Cat Christmas in the Old West – Stories of Romance and Adventure. 
Christmas in the old west, the 1800’s. People were often alone, separated from those they loved, from human companionship. In cow towns and mining camps, saloons and whore houses offered Christmas celebrations. Christmas trees were popular as were some Christmas carols we know. In isolated line camps or on the frozen prairie, cows or coyotes offered the only solace from other living things.

Some of these stories tie Christmas in the Old West to holidays in more civilized places – the eastern United States and England. A few stories link Christmas in the 1800’s to celebrations in other times.

Christmas in the old west – $10