June 30, 2020

I haven’t posted a blog in a really long time, so I’m trying again, and this is the experimental message, to see if I enjoy posting, if anyone is listening, and if the system works.

It’s time to get back to normal in spite of COVID. I heard a respected physician say that we should continue to hide out in our homes “if it saved even one life.” Well, destroying the economy and hiding out costs lives as well. As it is, all of us take a chance with life every time we get in an automobile. If you are a child or a young adult, automobile accidents are the most likely cause of death should it occur. So should none of us go on car rides until automobiles are totally safe? Right?

When I was a kid and someone in the neighborhood got chicken pox or measles, say, the parents would get all the kids together, so they could all catch it and get over it. Now, we should protect at risk people (older people and those with pre-existing conditions) if they want to be protected. Otherwise, we should get on with things. We seem to be waiting around for a vaccine. When it comes in six months to a year, it will probably be around 35% effective (like the flu vaccine in good years) and so won’t be as much of a game changer as is to be hoped. Also, the vaccines are being developed by for-profit companies or political groups who are more focused on profit or on being first than on a good and safe product. I’m hoping for a good and useful vaccine but not much of a believer that it will really come about.

Politics. Once again we appear to have a race for president populated by idiots. Trump knows how to make business work, but he doesn’t know how to get along with people or keep his mouth shut. Sleepy Joe thinks his sister is his wife, and is being kept in his basement not so much because of COVID but because of every gaffe-ridden sentence that comes out of his mouth.

The News nowadays consists of headlines such as when “Fulla Balony” (a movie star or sports figure) tells NPR that “We should not have statues of people up in the public square unless they were perfect.” First of all, why should I care what any movie star or sports figure thinks? Secondly, we should learn that historical figures were mixtures of bad and good traits. We should honor the former and learn from the latter. The police should clean up their act, but to abolish the police is to return to the days of Jean Jacques Rousseau, who was a complex and interesting political philosopher (1712-1778), who had this re-occurring weakness in believing that people were naturally good and would behave themselves in society with little or no supervision.

Social media and the politicization of news media has given us news that is mostly people with an ax to grind and with poorly thought out opinions basically yelling at each other with no particular interest in discussion or compromise leading to progress. To me, most of the news headlines shouldn’t be news at all.

So there, I got a few of those topics off my chest, so if future blogs I will turn to, what to me are, more interesting topics.



on June 30, 2020, 2:17 pm

murray said:

What a wonderful blog in all respects. (I’m still testing the system!)