So now it’s November of 2014.  After a North Dakota winter last year (-20 night after night after night), propane prices up to $5.00 a gallon, and hay prices through the roof I have taken two big steps:  I have closed down the greenhouse for the winter and sold or given away all the goats, alpacas, horses, cows, and donkeys.  I haven’t decided about the birds yet.

So some plants got taken to school or given to school (the large ones) while others are in the house.  But it’s quite a downsizing from last year.  As for the animals, no one was interested in them besides me anymore, and I need the money to put four more kids through college.  Also, the barber pole worm epidemic had become a huge problem.  So maybe in a few years, I’ll start over again when I’m retired.  We’ll see.  I miss the animals and plants, but not when it’s bad winter weather and I’m out in it throwing hay and firing up kerosene heaters when the greenhouse temperature system fails.  That’s a lot of cold work!

Maybe we are witnessing the start of a new ice age.  Temperatures have been steadily climbing since the last one, and maybe we are at the peak.  After all, a new ice age starts when one more snowflake falls than melts!  That would be exciting, and it would put an end to all the concerns over global warming.  Just this month (November 2014) we have had a very atypical cold spell from the arctic along with six feet of snow south of Buffalo.

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