The Progress of Spring.  January 13, 2014.  Of the seasons, I much prefer Fall and Spring.  That’s when things are happening, changes are occurring.  They are dynamic seasons unlike Summer and Winter when we are stuck with way too much heat or cold.  Fall begins, for me usually, sometime in August when it’s still summer and something unexpected occurs for just a moment.  A tiny taste of cold some summer morning, a cool breeze that shouldn’t be coming out of nowhere, or even a yellow leaf or two in an otherwise forest of green.  Then I know that fall is coming

So, autumn is a continuing contest between summer and winter with summer winning the early battles and winter making increasing inroads until summer admits defeat and retreats to the other hemisphere of the planet.

The longest day of summer is in late June and the strength of summer is that it is able to hold sway for several months beyond the longest day.

After winter solstice around December 2l, the days grow slowly longer, but winter is still king, actually increasing in strength for several months.  The day length increases barely at all at the equator to ten or more minutes a day in the far north.  North of the Arctic Circle at least a few days have no sunlight in winter and twenty four hours of sunlight in the summer.

Today is a snow melting day in the 40’s.  Summer is making an attempt at a modest January thaw.  Last week for a day or two the temperature was below zero all day long.  Winter ruled, especially at night when the temperature was way below zero and the wind made it seem much colder.


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