Killing Time and Sleeping Our Lives Away.  January 13, 2014.  Commuting to work for, say, a half hour.  A lot of people do it.  A few shorter, a lot longer.  That’s 30 minutes times 5 working days times 48 work weeks, which equals 7200 minutes or 120 hours or 5 days a year.  Wow!

Books-On-Tape or CD’s or DVD’s or podcasts pass the time more profitably compared to, say, looking around or listening to the radio.

Life, at times seems infinite in length, but, in reality, is quite finite.  So wasting time would seem to be somewhere between just stupid and a cardinal sin, especially if you aren’t enjoying the wasting.  Cats, at least, seem to like sitting around or doing nothing for countless hours every day.  The idea of being a “working cat” no longer seems to appeal once the comforts of home are realized.

My son has put together a “Bucket List” of things he wants to do before reaching 30 in two years.  He reckons that if he doesn’t get started, lots of books will go unread, movies unseen, conversations unspoken, and adventures unaccomplished by the time he is old.  And he’s right.  I want lots of time to read, talk, think, write, research, travel and so on, even to accomplish on occasion.  And the time I waste when I could be doing these things seems to grow every time I consider.

Let’s see.  (1) To and from work takes 15 + 15 = 30 minutes.  (2)  Showers and getting ready morning and evening take 30 + 30 = 60 minutes.  (3)  Doing chores morning and evening—we have livestock = 60 minutes.  (4) Some meetings = 60 minutes.  (5) Staring into space = 30 minutes.  (6) Dealing with pointless or annoying e-mail = 30 minutes.  (6) Riding in the car on the way to various places = 30 minutes.  The grand total is 5 hours a day.  And I don’t even play video/phone games use social media, watch TV, or watch sports, all of which, in my opinion are superb time wasters.

Just think, instead of wasting all this time I could be listening to books or podcasts, thinking about useful ideas on a variety of topics, dictating books or letters, reading, learning French, exercising, and having fun!

Perhaps I’m sounding like a strict, no-fun, idleness is evil puritan.  But, in fact, nothing can be more fun than learning or doing!

I wonder where Blogging fits into this scheme of things?

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