The Beauty of Simple Solutions and Small Changes.  January 8, 2014.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to enjoy what can happen when I make small changes in the way I do things.  For example, in the gift shop of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, after enjoying a very nice Monet exhibit, I found a small purple container that opened.  What could it be?   Inside was a garden variety contact lens case.  The container not only held the case but also had a tiny mirror in the lid.  For me, this is a great invention.  First, the container is larger than a contact lens case, so it’s easier to find when I set it down somewhere, which I seem to do frequently.  Second, it doesn’t look more or less like every other contact lens case in the house.  So I don’t have issues with deciding whose lenses I am putting on.  Sounds stupid?   Maybe.  Why don’t I just get a colored case or put my name on a regular case with a Sharpie?  I don’t know the answers to those questions, but the new container looks classy, works great for me, and improves things considerably.

A second example was my decision to buy driving gloves.  I got a very nice pair, actually, on sale at a hardware store, for five dollars.  Really!  I leave them in the car, so I’m not always losing them or sticking them, or worse one of them, into one miscellaneous pocket or the other of one coat or another.  Also, they are nice gloves and, since they stay in the car, I don’t put them on to haul and feed hay or mess with various other outside chores.  For those, I bought a not particularly nice pair of cloth gloves—for three dollars.  When not on my hands they live in the mud room where they can be wet and muddy or even smell and no one much cares.  One of my nice below zero mittens is now being mailed back from Colorado where I left it.  These are now going to live in my office because I use them in winter for my daily walks around campus.

Finding small life improvements is making life nicer on a daily and continuing basis.  I’m looking for more!

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